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Purpose Marketing and Strategy is driven by tactical marketing. The game plan is strategy first, action next, results guaranteed. Powered by more than 15 years experience and a honours degree in Marketing, results are what I strive for. The better you do, the better I will do. It is a partnership, not a business transaction. 

Through years of experience working for large brands, I have seen the power and results from well developed strategies to the cost of not having one. Trust me, the latter is not worth the risk.


It is essential to believe in more than just business and branding. We need to believe in Purpose! People do not buy brands, they buy their stories, their "whys."Consumers have climbed Maslows hierarchy and have got their basic needs more than met! Consumers are searching for so much more than just a need, they are searching for their wants but wants that they can relate to. Wants that make them feel good about having more than just a need. 

At Purpose it is a well developed strategy that uncovers your businesses "purpose" and that has the most amazing ripple effect. Purpose gives you staff more than just a pay check, it motivates them to get out of bed each day. Motivated employees are more productive. More productive employees leads to more efficiency and more efficiency leads to increased profit as more is achieved than before. Furthermore sales will increase as you connect on a new level with your consumer, who is not just buying your product, but is buying the story behind the product. This leads to loyal consumers. 

It is about more than just marketing, it is about Purposeful Marketing and Strategy. Moving your business from survive to thrive. To develop, implement, manage and report on all required marketing activities. For SMME's, being the marketing manager which you cannot afford full time but so desperately need. For the marketing managers, becoming the much needed support and helping you get the information you need to do what is best for your brand.  

Helen De Villiers     

Chief Purpose Officer     

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