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5 Steps for your business to thrive

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Sometimes these seem so obvious but are not present in all businesses. Ensuring each of these steps is done will help your business to move from survive to thrive.

1. Start with purpose!

Yes, yes, the name of my business is Purpose but that is no coincidence. It is the starting point of all my consultations. The entrepreneurs that shape our business landscape all started off with a clear understanding of their purpose. From the I love to work with my hands to the programming is my thing kind of people. They all started off with their purpose, but as their businesses grow, often this core fundamental is lost. Swamped by admin or human resources or marketing, the business owner often lands up running the business and stops enjoying the reason they started off to begin with. Ask yourself, what motivated you deep down to start your business?

2. Dress your brand to impress.

Have a brand identity. You would not go see clients dressed in tattered clothing and expect them to invest in what you are selling. So why assume they would invest in a tattered looking brand? Ensure you have a professional looking logo that reflects what it is that you do. It will make the next steps so much easier to accomplish if already well considered.

3. Get online

Sounds obvious but so many small to medium businesses don’t have website or got half of one in a deal they never really understood – we can give you a website they said but they never warned you of the work required from your side in copy writing and image supplying and logos…..and so the list goes on and you sit with an empty shell of a website. It is critical in today’s world to have one, in my professional opinion more so than the defaulted Facebook page, which I will get to. Facebook is great to connect with your consumers, websites are great to sell you product or service – it is like starting off without a catalogue – how do you sell? Old school and go door to door with your vacuum cleaner? I thought not. So ensure you have a website that you can keep up to date or have some one manage for you. WIX is a great website tool for everyone. Check it out www.wix.com

4. Be social media smart.

Being on social media does not mean be on it all. Pick what best suits your business. Facebook is an obvious one for most businesses as it is by far the largest audience and it has great advertising tools that can grow your Facebook page or direct consumers to your website. You ideally want to do both.

I like to refer to Facebook as your own direct medium to your interested consumer. It is like your own magazine. You need to provide content relevant to your industry not just your product. Imagine a magazine of just adverts – no one wants to read that. We buy them for the relevant content so treat your page as a magazine it will pay off. Your fans will stay engaged and so the drip effect will start. A gentle constant reminder of your brand as they engage with it beyond the products your sell. When it comes time to buy your product category you should be top of mind if you have done a good job on Facebook.

And lastly rather do one social media platform and do it well to start then to be on all of them and be terrible on all as you try to juggle them amongst running your business, which already has your hands full.

5. Get help.

As discussed in step 1 ensure you know why you do what you do and that you still doing it where possible. This is where help comes in, get some one to do admin for you, get a receptionist, hire a tax consultant. Get rid of the nitty gritty items so you can focus on your business and not trying to do it all. It is like the social media step, rather do one and do it well then do it all and do none well at all. This step will also bring the joy back into what you do and as they say you will never work another day in your life if you doing what you love!

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