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The Secret Garden gets Purpose for their website

Working with the Secret Garden has been one of my favourite breath of fresh air projects. Jamie and Dana are passionate about the wedding venue they run and ensuring that passion comes through in their new website was critical.

For those who have had the privilege to attend a function at the Secret Garden will understand the magic that needed to be captured. Selecting imagery was key to achieve this and thankfully they had a bank of great images to work with. Images are so often hard to come by that, we as marketers, tend to default to stock images but my advice to you, to truly capture your clients business, use as much of their own professional imagery as possible. And clients, ensure your own imagery is used as no one represents your business better than you do!

With their passion came a lot of solutions they provide, each requiring attention but so much that I feared the site would be too many clicks away for the anxious bride to find her dream venue. So we embarked on the 5 click rule I have and thanks to understanding clients and allowing some creative license for me to work them together we, I think, have beautifully captured each unique solution in a way that is convenient for the customer.

The importance of a blog for a small business cannot be ignored. Small businesses often have content light websites which Google does not enjoy. So adding a blog was key however ensuring your are dealing with clients who are passionate enough about what they do that they'd love to share their stories is key to a successful blog. Thankfully there were many stories shared during our meetings and soon they will become stories for the world to read.

True beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I would love to know your thoughts on the website - www.secretgarden.co.za

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